Happy Festival of Yay!

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Yippee Yay, it’s the Festival of Yay! Cold Island has transformed into a Winter Monster-land and all the Monsters are excited to wear their classic Festival of Yay costumes!

Epic Wubbox is decking the halls for its debut on Cold Island, where the eccentric Electric Elemental will be meeting the returning Seasonal Monster Yool! We’ve also heard that both Rare and Epic Yools will be visiting Cold Island during the Event, and will be stopping in to greet Seasonal comrades on the Seasonal Shanty for the first time!

And finally, the Festival of Yay would not be complete without Epic Tring coming to town! A Fire Epic in winter?! That’s right, Epic Tring makes its way to Fire Haven as a final gift of Monstrous cheer during this year’s Festival of Yay.

And that’s not all…

Yool returns to Cold Island and the Colossingum
Returning Seasonal Quest – ‘Days of Yay’
Festival of Yay Decorations and Seasonal Obstacle Decorations available


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