What’s New in Version 4.1.2

NEW Refined Synthesizer

The Refined Synthesizer upgrade has made its debut! This is to accommodate for the instability present in more advanced Triple combinations (and can even manage unstable Quad-Element configuration!). This process is only possible by using an already-coalesced form to build upon…not to mention the Meebs and Shards! However, in the name of science, progress cannot be stopped and innovation never curtailed! So, onward we go! You’ll need it for… 


Ethereal Workshop Wave 2!

NEW Monster: Flasque

This Monster (which looks much like a science experiment!) consists of little more than beakers and chalices, but don’t let that fool you! The Flasque is loud and proud, clinking and clanking its instruments together to add a robust sound to the Island’s song. The green lifeblood seen throughout its body ensures that no matter how hard this methodical Monster clangs its glass vessels, they will never break!

NEW Monster: Nitebear

It is not fully understood exactly what powers the Nitebear, but some have guessed that it may be run by quirky animatronics (based on the cables sticking out of its head). This disconsolate-looking Monster expresses itself using a combination of groans and moans, leading some to believe this Monster is exhibiting sentiments of sadness. Because it demonstrates a melancholic disposition, this Monster is nervous about socializing, fearing it may be “killing the mood.” Its friends are always happy to have it around though, and love it when Nitebear comes out of its self-inflicted isolation and join in on the song!

NEW Monster: Whaill

You’re bound to have a Whaill-ing good time with this new Ethereal Workshop Monster! Blessed with the ululations that gargle from its many mouths, the Whaill can create sound waves that are so intense that they actually tear apart the fabric of space and time! Legends say they can even expose reality to the Rift, closing the gap between worlds… 

NEW Monster: Epic Bellowfish

Although its crystal is cracked like its Rare cousin, Epic Bellowfish couldn’t be more different! Outfitted with a suit made of rubber and extending past its torso to include its arms and legs as well, this Epic Ethereal is ready to defend against foreign contaminants and be shielded at all times! Although it’s a well-known secret that this Epic Monster may have a sensitivity to acquaslime, its Monster friends keep it to themselves to safeguard its dignity. Their motto? S’all good, Mon. 

NEW Monster: Rare Monculus

The Rare Monculus has an interesting history, dating back to the era when the Colossals were using the pocket dimension as the site for their world-building experiments. In what can now be considered a humorous oversight, the Bubblerite jars and vases they used to store Monculus’ building blocks were equally susceptible to the spark of life – and became a Monster of their very own!

NEW Monster: Rare Scargo

Rare Scargo is known to many in the Monster World as an expert gift-giver, so it makes sense that it would be discovered during this time of year. It’s always creating imaginative toys and trinkets for its fellow Wublins, catering to each of their individual likes and needs. It has even attempted to create a giant musical contraption, known as the “electro-Mon-cardio-snooks,” which must be operated by several Monsters at once. The only problem is the excessive noise, as this goofy gadget can’t possibly compete with the decibels attainable by only the Rare Scargo…

NEW Bundle Packs!


Are you missing a few Special Monsters on your Plant and Cold Islands? Our brand new Bundle Packs can help! Collect the Ethereal, Mythical and featured Werdo of their respective islands and enjoy the wondrous sights and sounds that these coveted characters bring to your islands! Available to buy in the newly-retitled PACKS submenu of the Market!


In This Update

NEW Monsters: Ethereal Workshop Wave 2

NEW Upgraded Synthesizer and Path Decorations on Ethereal Workshop

NEW Monsters: Epic Bellowfish, Rare Monculus, Rare Scargo

NEW Bundle Packs available in the Market

IMPROVED Feature: Rebalanced difficulty for evolutions on Amber Island

…and sales and promotions all event long!

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