Take control of the My Singing Monsters!

My Singing Monsters Update 2.0.3

Create your own songs, become the Top Composer, and explore the ancient Book of Monsters in the all new 2.0.3 update!

Compose Monstrous Melodies

Compose Monstrous Melodies

You love the music of My Singing Monsters, and now it’s time to create their own! Unlocked early at level 7, Composer Island is an all new Island where you can choose the notes your Monsters play! Recreate your favorite songs, or compose your own monsterpiece with the Monsters.

Blue Note from Composer Island

Become the Top Composer

Can you become the best composer in the Monster World? There will be a weekly Diamond reward for the top Composer Island, so be sure to share your best compositions and work your way to the top of the charts!

The Book of Monsters

Discover the Book of Monsters

An ancient tome only recently discovered by the Monster-Handlers the Book of Monsters is a new way to track your progress and collection in My Singing Monsters. Ever wondered what Monsters you were missing, or where you can find them? Can you prove you’re an expert Monster-Handler and finish the Book of Monsters?

A List of Monsters from the Book of Monsters

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