As the sensational Season of Love nears its end, there’s something brand NEW to love in the Monster World…

What’s New

Amber Island

Located on the same higher plane as the regal Gold Island, Amber Island was a safeguard for the Element of Fire dating back to ancient times. It’s where you can use the spark of life to revitalize special VESSELS containing the essences of ALL FIRE MONSTERS, including some species who will be making their modern-day debuts!

New Monster: Yelmut

Everyone’s favorite cave-dwelling monster is making its modern-day debut on Amber Island! Don’t let the diminutive size of the Yelmut fool you – it’s a Quad-Element Monster and has the pipes to prove it. Could it be the first of other ‘missing’ Fire Monsters from Dawn of Fire to finally cross over into My Singing Monsters?

New Monster: Epic Boskus

Just like Rare Boskus before it, this Fire Epic seems to be drawn to this lovey-dovey time of year. Maybe it’s taking inspiration from a certain other skunky lovesick character?

In This Update

 NEW Amber Island

NEW Fire Monster – Yelmut’s long-awaited return

NEW Pyrozite Castles on the Fire Islands

NEW Rare and Epic variants being discovered all the time

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