Patch Notes

Release Date: March 1, 2021

New Weapons

  • Warscythe – Sleek and punishing, the Warscythe is a devastating weapon to unleash when surrounded on all sides. 
  • Shock Pistol – Through the POWER OF SCIENCE, now you can unleash the electric potential of the Shock Pistol and chain together single shots into devastating multi-hits.

New Side Missions

  • Discover side mission beacons while out on patrol in Calagan and then return to the Outpost to select unlocked missions
  • Three types of missions to complete:
    • Hazards: Timed challenges which will test your speed and platforming skills as you navigate a twisting environment filled with hazards
    • Combat: Race to eliminate all targets in the area before time expires
    • Gauntlet: THe ultimate test of combat and platforming abilities, a true test of an Arbiter’s abilities

New NPC – The Warsmith

  • Upon completing the trials found within the new side missions, you’ll encounter the Warsmith. Visit this new NPC armed with your favourite weapon to re-roll one of the perks on the weapon.
  • When rerolling weapon perks, you’ll be presented with 3 alternate perks to bind with the weapon. Choose wisely as the first re-roll is free of charge as a reward for your challenge completion, but be warned the price for each future roll increases.

New Boss Encounters

  • Four new boss encounters against the corrupted Warden

Release Date: December 8, 2020

New Modes

  • Hardcore Mode – Looking for a challenge?
    • Players have only one life. Death is permanent and will require you to restart.
  • Ironman Mode – Are you REALLY looking for a challenge?
    • Players have only one life. Death is permanent and will require you to restart.
    • Players in Ironman mode cannot use the Outpost meaning:
      • Gear cannot be upgraded
      • Skill tree cannot be upgraded
      • Players can only swap skills at terminals in levels where new skills are acquired

Additional Changes

  • Death will now respawn you at your last checkpoint instead of the Outpost
  • The Ferryman can now be found beside checkpoints
  • SteelSeries integration added to PC version of Foregone
  • Performance improvements to all versions
  • Bug fixes

Release Date: October 13, 2020

Console Release

New Levels & Bosses within to discover

  • Climb all three levels of the Tower and defeat four fearsome bosses to finally uncover the haunting truth behind the Harrow.

UI Changes:

  • The Arbiter’s look evolves as you equip higher tier-armour
  • Weapon icons have been adjusted to reflect tiered-rarity

Additional Changes

  • Enemy and weapon balances
  • Updated localizations

Release Date: August 4, 2020

New Miniboss – Tecton

  • The product of secret experiments gone awry awaits you in the spine-chilling Laboratory.  

New Equippable Skills

  • Raze – Unleash a powerful beam of energy dealing damage to all enemies within its path
  • Bastion – Release a defensive field, negating enemy projectiles, and applying Stasis to enemies inside. 

New Stats Page

  • Accessed from the inventory menu, the all-new Stats Overview page is a new destination for players to quickly and succinctly see a summary of all stats relevant to their Arbiter’s loadout, including:
    • Health and health buffs
    • In-depth damage output for both currently equipped melee and range weapons
    • Currently equipped skills and skill buffs
    • All additional buffs currently active through skill tree progression and equipment perks
    • Summary of traversal abilities currently unlocked

New NPCs 

  • Two new friendly faces, Thaumaturge and the Blacksmith, can be discovered back home in the Outpost 

Boss Changes:

  • First King of Calagan Miniboss Changes
    • Projectiles attack within the second phase now have homing ability to better target players
  • Essence drop rate increased for all bosses

UI Changes:

  • Numerous UI changes, both big and small have been made for a more streamlined experience

Additional Changes

  • New secret areas to discover and explore
  • Updated localizations

Release Date: June 10, 2020

Enemy Changes:

  • All enemies have had their stun values reduced
  • Resolved issue with some Elite enemies doing 4x intended damage

Project Hera Boss Changes:

  • Number of rocks falling from the sky has been reduced

Project Demeter Boss Changes:

  • Health reduced by 7%
  • Leap attack damage reduced by 29%
  • Swipe attack damage reduced by 7%
  • Demeter no longer stuns the player
  • Resolved issue where spikes were causing increased damage

First King of Calagan Miniboss Changes:

  • Attack combo hitboxes have been reduced
  • Summoned orbs hitboxes have been reduced
  • Health reduced by 6%
  • 3-Hit Combo Damage reduced by 31%
  • Orb Damage reduced by 20%

Release Date: June 8, 2020

New Biome – The Catacombs:

  • Explore three all-new creepy and cavernous levels
    • Cemetery
    • Mausoleum
    • Caverns

Combat Changes:

  • Encounter a horde of new enemies across the Catacomb biome
  • Test your might against two new bosses found within the depths of the Mausoleum and Caverns
  • Each weapon now has a new air attack animation
    • Melee air attacks can be used to immediately transition into the second hit of a ground combo
  • Balance adjustments to existing enemies and boss fights

New Ability – Wall Jump:

  • Add a new tool to your combat strategy and access previously inaccessible areas by defeating the creature hidden deep within the Caverns

Skill Upgrades

  • Explore each level to obtain Skill Upgrades, increasing the potency of each Surge, Restoration, Nova, Overdrive, and Barrier

Skill Tree Revamp:

  • Added a second branch to the skill tree that is used to enhance your skills.
  • Upon entering The Oratory, you’ll be given a one-time refund of all currently spent Essence to respec your Arbiter


  • Find and collect Catalysts to gain access to powerful nodes in both Skill Trees

New Story & Lore:

  • Uncover the mysteries of Calagan and the Arbiter through new collectibles that expand the story 

Equipment Changes:

  • Early game loot drop quantity and quality increased
  • Boss & Elite enemies have a better chance to drop rare equipment
  • Uncover a new tier of item rarity by defeating the boss of the Catacombs

Release Date: May 4, 2020

New Weapon:

  • Gunchuks – Master the art of gun kata and dispose of foes with grace and style

Introducing Minibosses:

  • Minibosses have joined the fray! Retrace your steps to discover the all-new twin-bladed buzz-bot 

Introducing NPCs:

  • Reclaim 50% of your lost Essence and Gold by striking a deal with the mystical ferryman, now located in the outpost.

Combat Changes:

  • Boss encounters have been rebalanced based on player feedback
  • Amount of Essence dropped on enemy death has been increased – allowing players to more quickly flesh out their skill tree in the Oratory

Controller rebinding:

  • Added ability to select controller type in rebind menu

Localization improvements:

  • Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Korean are now supported


May the Fourth be with you.

Release Date: Apr. 6, 2020

Equipment Changes:

    • Spear – Practice social distancing while poking fear in the heart of your enemies 
    • Burst Rifle –  Q: What’s better than one bullet?  A: Three.  
  • Equipment drops improved within Mill, Armory, Laboratory, and Shrine biomes to drop with higher DPS and Health stats
  • Updated equipment drop and inventory icons 

Combat Changes:

  • New Death Mechanic
    • Death brings a new form of redemption with the ability to retrieve lost Gold & Essence by returning where you previously died
  • Improved combos
    • Weapon combos no longer stop between slides
  • Balanced enemies to account for improved drops:
    • Enemies in Mill, Armory, Laboratory, and Shrine have been tweaked to be slightly more difficult


  • Updated skill tree icons
  • New method to unlock skill tree nodes
    • Save precious Essence by pre-planning builds


  • Mark multiple pieces of equipment for salvage and salvage it all at once
  • Tiered weapons have new caps on the amount of times they can be upgraded:
    • Common up to level 1
    • Rare up to level 2
    • Epic up to level 3
    • Legendary up to level 4


  • Minimap saves progress after death
  • Improvements to overall minimap navigation
  • New icons

Controller Rebinding:

  • Controller inputs can now be changed from the Options menu

Updated Localizations

  • Chinese (simplified) and Chinese (traditional) are now supported

Release Date: Feb. 27 2020

  • Early Access Release on the Epic Games Store