Patch Notes

Release Date: May 4, 2020

New Weapon:

  • Gunchuks – Master the art of gun kata and dispose of foes with grace and style

Introducing Minibosses:

  • Minibosses have joined the fray! Retrace your steps to discover the all-new twin-bladed buzz-bot 

Introducing NPCs:

  • Reclaim 50% of your lost Essence and Gold by striking a deal with the mystical ferryman, now located in the outpost.

Combat Changes:

  • Boss encounters have been rebalanced based on player feedback
  • Amount of Essence dropped on enemy death has been increased – allowing players to more quickly flesh out their skill tree in the Oratory

Controller rebinding:

  • Added ability to select controller type in rebind menu

Localization improvements:

  • Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Korean are now supported


May the Fourth be with you.

Release Date: Apr. 6, 2020

Equipment Changes:

    • Spear – Practice social distancing while poking fear in the heart of your enemies 
    • Burst Rifle –  Q: What’s better than one bullet?  A: Three.  
  • Equipment drops improved within Mill, Armory, Laboratory, and Shrine biomes to drop with higher DPS and Health stats
  • Updated equipment drop and inventory icons 

Combat Changes:

  • New Death Mechanic
    • Death brings a new form of redemption with the ability to retrieve lost Gold & Essence by returning where you previously died
  • Improved combos
    • Weapon combos no longer stop between slides
  • Balanced enemies to account for improved drops:
    • Enemies in Mill, Armory, Laboratory, and Shrine have been tweaked to be slightly more difficult


  • Updated skill tree icons
  • New method to unlock skill tree nodes
    • Save precious Essence by pre-planning builds


  • Mark multiple pieces of equipment for salvage and salvage it all at once
  • Tiered weapons have new caps on the amount of times they can be upgraded:
    • Common up to level 1
    • Rare up to level 2
    • Epic up to level 3
    • Legendary up to level 4


  • Minimap saves progress after death
  • Improvements to overall minimap navigation
  • New icons

Controller Rebinding:

  • Controller inputs can now be changed from the Options menu

Updated Localizations

  • Chinese (simplified) and Chinese (traditional) are now supported

Release Date: Feb. 27 2020

  • Early Access Release on the Epic Games Store